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This story is for a man I met in a chat room from a different location. He loves his wife bootytape and love to get a thrill. He said his wife had a hidden desire : they want to be dominated and shaped. Because I knew that I am a teacher, he contacted me and asked if he could help the formation of his wife. Cause ' I'm always interested in bootytape learning and training of new submarines, I agreed to help. We have decided, not in a restaurant in a city far from where they live to fulfill. I gave him instructions on how to be prepared for his wife and his clothes. I wanted to be shaved to smooth her ​​pussy, she was not allowed to bootytape wear underwear and had a short skirt, stockings, high heels and a bear up to see more or less the shirt. This afternoon I sat in the restaurant waiting for them, who had a table at the back of the restaurant, a little apart from the rest, but not hidden. After a while they came and saw his wife was very hot and sexy in her short skirt and see through shirt. I could see thatwas a little uncomfortable, bootytape dressed, but it became so obviously. Her hard nipples could be seen all over the world to see through him by the shirt. I had told her husband she would have to enter the restaurant you can go to his wife before him, so he did. She had to go through the restaurant and it obviously has a lot of hot eyes of men and some dirty looks from several women in the restaurant. I could see, she blushed at the attention she got. When passing my table told him to sit by my side with her ​​husband on the other side. I ordered them to lift her skirt before she sat down and sits on her bare ass. You hessitate a moment, but after a few seconds, she did what I said. Then I said, she reached Leggs. Due to the tablecloths, the bootytape other guests could not see her pussy, but was vissable who had extended their Leggs. When the waiter came to our table, there was clearly some bootytape of her tits and nipples and excited about COUldn't look elsewhere. We ask our drinks and decided to eat. When the waiter left I put my hand under the table between his Leggs. What are you doing, I asked. I told him not to speak unless you can too, and it was his first time, I decided to explain what I wanted. I am a first inspection of the vagina to do, I said, you can bootytape feel if you bootytape shave properly. I felt her smooth shaved pussy and supplements her husband with a job well done. I also felt it was wet, so I have fingers on her clit and rubbed a little. She blushed again and it was immediately obvious to all that have changed. ' Well, looks like everything turned out well ahead,' he said, and pulled my hand. I reached into my coat pocket bootytape hand under the table surface and showed him what I had. It was a small egg vibrator bootytape with remote control. Her eyes widened and she looked at me and then her husband,with a little fear, but also with passion in his eyes. Again, I put my hand between her legs and quikly put the egg in her wet pussy. 'Ok, you can close your Leggs a bit now, not drop the egg,' he said. I reached into my pocket again activated and the egg through on. He immediately began to moan a bit and saw that he had difficulty sitting. Then I turned around the egg. By this I mean that the train feelongs said, and are not entitled to have an orgasm And during dinner, bootytape while one had a delightful conversation with a claim to her husband - about his wife, as if she was not present too - when I turned off the egg and severall. the time it was desert, which was soaked and had more problems, not to come. When we finished eating I told him to get up, go out and wait us out. And be careful not to lose the egg. ' Yes Master, ' he said, and went through the entire restaurant. Because eggs,walked with small steps, so it took some time to get to the door and exit. Vissible was for everyone, she became the real and always fresh. I paid the bill and went to the outside. When we saw waiting in the parking lot. I had parked my car in the middle bootytape of the parking lot, not in the bright lights of the restaurants, but if someone was looking out the window, still could not see the car and walked on. And be sure... severall people looked out the window! Since we arrived in our car, I told her to lift her skirt again and bent over the hood with his Leggs widely disseminated. She did as she said, and put my hand between his Leggs. Her pussy was wet ! I took the egg and held it over his mouth. 'Clean your tongue,' he said. He opened his mouth and the egg, taste, licked her own cream. Then I got behind her, unzipped my pants and pulled my dick. 'Now I want to know if you're good,' he said, and suddenly I pushed the cooperationck hard and deep in her wet pussy. Surprised by this unexpected move, she screamed and began to moan louder and louder. I fucked her hard and deep with her ​​husband watching us and vissible severall people bootytape in the restaurant. We had a good night severall men Just before I came, I pulled out my cock and shot my load all over her ass. 'Now turn around and kneel,' he said, ' open your mouth and wipe my dick ' You knelt down and licked and sucked his cock. bootytape ' Now I come to the cabin to go to continue training,' I said, and she and her husband wanted to get into the car. I told them I would leave the car there because my car was not far from the restaurant, at the end of a dirt road in the woods nearby and walk. Therefore, on the left and the parking lot we had in the bright lights, exit, near the restaurant on foot. You could see the lights, my sperm fell ass and thighs. Severall persons in restaurant windows have also seen, becauefinding it the saw, and displays them. walked down the street for a while with his foot a few feet ahead of us. As we reached the dirt road in the woods, i told him to leave and out of the shirt and skirt and give it to me. 'Please, Lord, make me not,' he asked, but told him it was my sub now, and they had to do what I told her and make it clear to her what was her place, I lost severall ass time so the hand marks on her cheeks red. then quickly removed her skirt and shirt and gave it to me. I took her clothes and put them under a small bush on the side of the road. 'You do not need it for some time, why us,' I said and told him to start walking again. Oh, boy, it was a hot look, he saw her walk in front of us, naked, but her stockings and high heels! After bootytape 10 minutes we arrived at my cabin, I opened the door and said to be in the interior, which shocked the room was full of whips clearmps, cables and chains hanging from the ceiling and walls and other materials needed to train and punish slaves. with fear in his eyes entered the room and follow it. I ordered him to kneel in the center of the room and spread Leggs behind his back. With a rope tied my hands at the wrists and elbows so that her tits were even bootytape more encouraged. Then I put a bar between her and tied ankless. Followed by a strap around the neck, connected to a chain hanging from the ceiling. at the end of i bootytape is blindfolded and gagged. There she was, completely helpless, unable to move to see or speak. I asked her husband what he wanted his train. He said he wanted BECOM it a true submissive, cumslave. Ok, I said, but it will take some time and we'll have severall training sessions. To begin, all left me for a few days, I will contact you when you are ready for pickup will be. you to the main road I said to walk, so we went in, closedthe door and left his wife and bootytape soon to be slave, destitute and alone in my cabin. When we reached the main road, I said I 'd call when she is ready to be picked, we shook hands and went home and returned to my cabin to begin training. To bootytape be continued
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